Epsilon T. Moonshade's Website

    Well, this is the second time I'm trying to do a website. I figure that anyone who visits will get the random shit I want to put on here, as well as a few links that I end up tossing out. Maybe some drunken rambling every now and then. I've got a bottle of 151 on my desk right now.

Points of Interest:
MUDs - Multi User Dimensions
Links - Self-explanatory
Pictures - Pictures from wherever
Rants - This is the closest to a blog you'll ever get from me, freaks.

Update, 13 November 2006:
Posted my first rant today. Check it out, yo.

Update, 2 October 2006:
Messed around with the formatting a bit. This certainly looks cleaner, and possibly even better. Who knew I could actually -fix- things? Also added a new section... with nothing in it. Maybe eventually.

Update, 30 September 2006:
I added a chatterbox to the website. I still wonder if anyone actually -visits- this page.

Update, 22 September 2006:
Well. Hopefully, I'll have my picture page(s!) updated by the end of the evening. Stuff I've collected and haven't posted. Weeeeee!

Update, 23 June 2006:
I'm in Seattle, WA! Got out of the Marine Corps, got a job, got an apartment, and happy to be out on my own. Wheeee!

Update, 26 May 2005:
In Iraq - updated the webpage at great expense of time on my part. It takes days to upload stuff from here. >_<

Update, 11 Oct. 2004:
Changed the format of the webpage. I'm not sure anyone besides myself uses it anyway. ^_^